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I think just about everyone who comes to me to be photographed feels at least a little nervous in the beginning. I mean, this isn't exactly a sitting at the Walmart portrait nook, is it? If you've never posed for photography before, nervousness will probably be part of the process. That's really, really OK.

One of the reasons that my shoots go for as long as they do (usually around two hours) is that I like to take things at a slow pace. I'm NOT going to usher you in and ask you to whip off your clothes. I don't work that way. We usually start off with poses where you're at least partially dressed and we progress at a rate that's comfortable for both of us.

Many people ask me if their photographs are going to appear on my website, or any other place. The answer is this: unless you give me explict permission to use your photographs, they will absolutely never appear on any public part of my web site. Everyone you see on my site has signed a model release form that gives me permission to use their photographs, but most people, because they're concerned about privacy, do NOT sign a model release. I do have a private review area where you can view your photographs, but you're the only one who will have access to that area.

Some people feel comfortable coming to the session alone. Others feel better if they bring a friend or partner. It's up to you: if you'd feel more comfortable bringing someone, by all means, bring someone. Whatever works for you, works for me. The only thing I ask is that if you do bring someone, make sure it's someone you feel really comfortable around, and that they'll be OK about sitting quietly through the session.

If you've never posed for nude or erotic photography in before, nervousness will probably be part of the process. I ask is that if you do bring someone with you, make sure that they're comfortable with nude and erotic photography.



This website, by a photographer in Boston, Massachusetts, contains nude and erotic fine-art photography. While I do sometimes shoot with professional models, most of my work is with men and women who have never posed for nude or erotic photography before. Most of my clients come from the Boston area, but I've had clients come from as far away as CT and NY.