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Three-panel folio:

This three-page folio makes a great add-on to an album order. If you're planning on giving an album as a gift, the folio is a perfect way to keep something special just for yourself. It's also a good solution to a common problem: when you're choosing prints for an album, sometimes you'll find photographs that you really like, but they don't seem to quite fit in with the overall theme of the album you're creating - the folio is the place for those special prints!

The folio with three prints costs $210.00; if you purchase it at the same time you purchase a book or an album or matted or framed prints, the cost is only $155.00.

The overall size of the folio is 10"x10" when it's folded up.

The folio holds three erotic and nude photography prints, assembled in Boston, MA.


This website, by a photographer in Boston, Massachusetts, contains nude and erotic fine-art photography. While I do sometimes shoot with professional models, most of my work is with men and women who have never posed for nude or erotic photography before. Most of my clients come from the Boston area, but I've had clients come from as far away as CT and NY.