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I think there's something kind of magical about opening a photograph album. It's like opening a box full of feelings and memories, and it's different each time you do it.

These beautiful, hand-made albums come from a manufacturer of high-end wedding albums; your photographs are mounted onto pages made of heavy archival paper. The pages are bound into a stylish book and come with a charcoal-black or deep red cover.

The album comes in four sizes, each with 5 pages (10 sides/10 photos):
6”x6”: $220
8”x8”: $250
10”x10”: $275
12”x12”: $300

The album pricing above is for 10 images. Additional images can be added for $15 each.

People who are planning to give an album as a gift often choose a tri-fold folio to keep for themselves. If you order a folio along with an album, the cost of the folio is less than if you order it at a later time.

Extra prints:

You can add on a set of unmounted prints; you'll receive one unmounted print for each image you choose for your album:

  • Duplicate 5"x7" prints are $5.00 each.
  • Duplicate 8"x10" prints are $15.00 each.

There's something wonderful about an album of erotic and nude photography, especially when it'd been created by a photographer in Boston, MA.


This website, by a photographer in Boston, Massachusetts, contains nude and erotic fine-art photography. While I do sometimes shoot with professional models, most of my work is with men and women who have never posed for nude or erotic photography before. Most of my clients come from the Boston area, but I've had clients come from as far away as CT and NY.